The increasing popularity of a mobile banking app has persuaded most consumers to switch to online banking for a better experience and service. Millennials and Generation X are the most common users of Internet banking, which has prompted most banks to offer a net banking app with the most advanced features.

Pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and carry out their banking activities. A mobile banking app can help you transfer money from one account to another instantly, pay your bills, and check your bank account balances.

Most top mobile banking apps from leading banks, like IDFC FIRST Bank, allow you to open a savings bank account straightaway without visiting the bank. The electronic KYC or know-your-customer process facilitates banks and the users to open a free bank account on the app. For it, you need not be digitally savvy.

Moreover, the clear design, security, and user-friendliness also make a banking app popular among consumers, irrespective of generation differences. ‘Open a bank account online’ is an important function in a mobile banking app, for it saves your time and effort by not making you visit a bank’s branch. To open a savings bank account is easy on the app as you need to follow a few steps explained below.

How does it work?

IDFC FIRST Bank through its mobile app allows you to open a zero-balance savings account by undergoing a paperless process. Here’s what you should do to open a free bank account.

  • Download the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your mobile phone.
  • Have your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card ready before you fill in your details.
  • Type in your full name, mobile number, and email address. Also, fill in your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or Voter’s ID details and submit them.
  • It will take you to a page where you need to give your personal details like your date of birth, age, contact address, employment details, and other relevant information.
  • Upload the scanned copies of PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, or Voter’s ID Card, and your signature on a sheet of paper.
  • Verify the details by receiving and submitting the one-time password (OTP).
  • An executive from a bank will initiate a video call to complete the electronic KYC verification.
  • Congratulations! The process is complete and your account will get activated within a few hours.

You will receive the welcome kit at your home address. You can now transfer funds to your new account and manage money.

Why use a banking app to open an online bank account?

With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, you can open a bank account online anywhere, anytime. The app is safe to use, for it asks for multi-factor authentication when signing in. You also have the option to use biometrics for high security. The other reason for using the IDFC FIRST Bank app is you can check the account balance, transfer funds, set up recurring payments, and manage your finances.

If you want to meet your banking needs online, you can download the IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app and open an instant bank account.