Are you a logo designer and still confused about which is the best image file format should you use to deliver the best quality to your clients? Well, not anymore as in this post we will help you in understanding the various types of the ogo files and formats and how you can use them to get the best quality. 

Also, you can convert jpg to ai (แปลง ไฟล์ jpg เป็น ai, which is the term in Thai) all your vector files and original images. This will help you in getting the best quality. 

Difference Between Raster And Vector Images

Before we move towards the different types of image formats. Let’s have a brief look on what is the difference between raster and vector image files. 

So, raster images are flat image files that are usually not scalable. When these images are zoomed in their pixels can be seen individually. Which deteriorates the quality of the image when you convert jpg to ai? Whereas, vector images are scalable and hence can be scaled at any desired size. They also maintain high quality when you convert jpg to ai.  

Different File Formats For The Best Quality 

  • JPG

Jgpbor jpeg is one of the most popular image formats. It works best and is very smooth with the conversions too. Also, make sure you use light transition colors when working with the jpg image format.  

  • PNG 

PNG is another file format and had a larger image storage file as compared to the JPG file size. It can also compress while containing text images, art lines, and a lot more. The specialty of these file formats is that they provide you with a transparent image. This makes the image available for versatile use.  

  • EPS

EPS is one of the most loved image formats as it provides the users with the complete freedom to scale the image, edit it, and with a transparent background as well. The format was developed by Adobe and hence gains immense popularity due to its exclusive features.  

  • PDF

PDF file format wasn’t developed originally for images. It is a versatile format and we usually use it for images and as well documents. Also, it wasn’t created by Adobe. PDFs are usually used to showcase the logo drafts.  


These are the top and the most popular image file formats. These are used globally and hence resolve many problems if graphic designers. Though there are many other options and image file formats also available. They are AI, BMS, TIFFS, etc.