Going to Lombok depends naturally on what you’re planning to get there rather than too much about the weather. The weather is stable, and it isn’t tough to discover Lombok’s very best time. However, if you’re going there for specific reasons or festivals or activities, you may want to plan it around.

Get To Know About The Weather In Lombok

Lombok West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia discusses the significant tropical climate of 2 seasons — the dry season and the wet season. It’s also among the dryer places to enjoy compared to Bali or other neighboring fires with temperatures averaging about 30 C and, therefore, mainly humid.

So mainly, you will enjoy your time with a fantastic quantity of sunlight if you’re able to dismiss the humidity, and throughout the rainy season using a few bouts of storms in the daytime. Still, it shouldn’t be much of deterrence in your vacation season. The dry season in Lombok lasts from May to October, in which it’s also the peak season where many tourists flock to Lombok, although this is also the ideal time to move here. The rainy season in Lombok lasts from October to March, with rain less than an hour daily, so it can be your chosen option to escape the audience.

Concerning the weather, the ideal time to visit Lombok is from July to August. It is because the temperature is at its coolest at those times and the driest concerning rain. Nonetheless, it’s also the peak season obviously, thus pay attention to those tourist crowds and again do reserve beforehand. But, it’s still likely to travel on a rainy day. It might nevertheless rain throughout the dry season rather than rain for a week at the rainy season. It usually comes down large but fast in the day or late afternoons.

If you have to, travel in Lombok through the wet seasons remains possible for those who want most of your holiday in the morning and early afternoons and rest in the evenings.

The Right Time Planning A Journey To Lombok

From April to September is going to be the high season in Lombok, since it’s supposedly the dry season and generally the summer vacation season in many areas of the planet. The quieter months are from October to March. Even though it’s considered the rainy season, the majority of the rains come just in the day and leave reasonably fast. Because of this, it’s still possible to appreciate Lombok in this weather should you want your days before and the remaining days.

The best months to visit Lombok concerning weather and the audience, are the shoulder seasons, which is either March or October. Sometimes, you’ll have comparatively dry weather nonetheless without the tourist crowds!

Some Festival In Lombok

Various celebrations and festivals are held throughout the year in Lombok. These festivals are usually related to local culture or certain religious celebrations. Below are a few events that happen in Lombok, even though the dates may change every year.

  1. Bau Nyale Festival (usually in February or March)

This is really a catch of sea worms’ festival, which occurs yearly. It attracts the audiences at Seger Beach, Kuta, where people camp out immediately and join traditional principles, art performances, and ship races.

  1. Ogoh Ogoh Parade (generally in March or April)

This is an event that occurs the day before Nyepi day (Hindu New Year), also happens at Mataram and west Lombok.

  1. Nyepi Day (generally in March or April)

Nyepi Day suggests the start of the Saka New Year for Indonesian Hindu individuals. It is a Day of Silence, expression, meditation, and fasting in Bali. As a result of this, Bali airport, along with other transportation services, are shut. Even though Nyepi Day remains an occasion in Lombok, the island serves as usual.

  1. Gendang Beleq Festival (usually in April)

This is a festival that features sailors dancing, followed by drums and vibrant clothes.

  1. Senggigi Festival (usually in July)

A fantastic way to view culture from around Lombok in 1 spot and an enjoyable event with parades and contests.

  1. Perang Topat (generally in November or December)

This is a rice cake warfare celebrated by both Hindu’s and Muslims in the Pura Lingsar Temple in West Lombok. Folks come together to provide up fruit, cakes, rice to give due to their plants.

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