For the last 600 years, bar and bat mitzvahs have been joyously celebrated to signify the single most important day in a Jewish person’s young life.

While some of the traditions have changed since the first coming-of-age ceremony during the 1400s, the bat and bar mitzvah significance remains unwavering — celebrating the start of an intentional and connected adult life as a member of the Jewish faith.

What is a bat mitzvah? Occurring at age 12, a bat mitzvah is a religious ceremony for a Jewish girl, marking her transition to womanhood.

What are bar mitzvahs? Distinguishing a boy as a man in the eyes of the Jewish faith, a bar mitzvah, similarly to a bat mitzvah, is a spiritual ritual that takes place at age 13.

Months of planning, education, and excitement lead to this very cherished day for close family, many friends, and countless loved ones. Whether you’re planning one, attending one, or just looking for some more information, give our guide to the importance of bar mitzvahs a read!

Learning Sacred Religious Traditions

The candidate spends countless months before their bat mitzvah day practicing their Hebrew, learning the Jewish service practices, and reading the Torah’s teachings. On the day of his or her ceremony, the Bar Mitzvah will be entrusted with performing the events of the service for the congregation, the attendants of their coming-of-age ceremony.

During this learning period, the bar or bat mitzvah will complete a mitzvah project, an act of service to individuals in the greater community that are not as fortunate as they are. This is the first step to beginning a life focused on helping others.

Sanctifying a Place in the Jewish Community

The bar or bat mitzvah ceremony sanctifies the person in the congregation of the Jewish community surrounding them. This community welcomes them as a sister or brother in a faith journey they all walk together.

On this day, they walk into the temple as a child and walk out as a young person bound to their faith and individuals they will grow into adulthood beside, as well as many other Jewish mentors and friends.

Celebrating the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Once the ceremony and a short Kiddush luncheon are complete, it is time to celebrate! A joyous party begins as the sunsets, complete with dancing, decadent food, and gorgeous decorations, and continues all night long.

The celebration, while grand and modernized, maintains many traditions celebrated that evening, such as a candle lighting ceremony honoring the most important people in the bar or bat mitzvah’s life and a video montage of pictures from their childhood.

Guests are expected to bring a gift to the celebration, whether that be a check, a piece of jewelry, or a religious item. There are many traditions when gift-giving to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah on this special night. You can explore some creative options at

You’re Ready!

As you approach this truly meaningful day, you now have the information you need to appreciate the importance of bat mitzvahs and their celebration fully.

As you head off to celebrate future bar and bat mitzvahs, remember, this is a truly joyous day to rejoice in the newfound religious fullness of a Jewish young person who you love!