The best things to ever have been introduced in the realm of photography was the introduction of digital technology. The chemical photo editing techniques have long become ancient after the digitalized era came into play. The impact has brought the art of photo editing to even those who know the least of its workings. While Photoshop will always remain the household name or even is synonymous to the art of photo editing there are much other applications such as photolemur that have risen to challenge its fort.

The next big that digital technology gave to photography was machine learning or artificial intelligence. The AI-powered the photo editing platform to uses machine acknowledgment to enhance photos.

 The innovations of the digital revolution into artificial intelligence.


Photoshop is a time taking and complicated process for many users and even professional individuals. Hence the idea behind other photo editing software like photo lemur and lightroom by photo adobe. Many options are available online that offer one-touch editing where the enhancements that take hours can be done in a matter of seconds, with the help of AI.


The rise of selfies has demanded more from the photo editing software than it can be understood. Most of the mobile applications are made for amateur users. But there is a professional one’s top that relies on robust AI-driven software to create more realistic effects on an image.

 The best photo editing software to edit your images.

Photolemur 3 is one of the recently updated software that features the newly accented AI technology; it uses facial and objects recognition technology to create better image effects. It demolishes the hassle of individually adjusting so many effects like shadows and highlights or colour correction. Its convincing point is the fact that it allows a lot of flexibility for users while editing, so make sure to click on to know more.