The younger generation of consumers and office workers are increasingly using mobile SMS to connect, which has resulted in a growing trend of text messaging in the financial and governmental sectors. Organizations like businesses and the government are now using such communication techniques to enhance customer relationships.

Due to the overall use of text messaging, businesses must understand how to store SMS or do instant message capture on Android phones to comply with laws. Finally, during the coronavirus outbreak, quick and flexible mobile communication is a critical survival strategy for businesses and organizations in the financial services and public sector.

Archiving for Compliance

Most mobile SMS sent by businesses and organizations are business-related messages; hence they must be stored to meet regulatory requirements. Regulatory bodies have established text message archiving rules to reduce the risks of texting while driving. To achieve compliance with regulations like MiFID II, SEC, Dodd-Frank Act, HIPAA, SOX, GLPA, and others, businesses must understand how to store and back up their messages.

Here are some ways on how-to archive Android text messages:

Archive Old Threads

People’s inboxes are sure to be cluttered with many unread message threads. One of the best parts of the messages app for Android is the ability to archive text messages.

Without utilizing third-party software, users can archive their Android text conversations and recover them whenever they want using the app. They can clear out the clutter from their inboxes while keeping the topics they use.

Android’s New Built-in SMS Backup and Restore

Users no longer need to manually back up their mobile SMS (thanks to Android 8.0 and above), a new built-in SMS backup feature, which is a helpful tool. However, the tool’s utility is constrained because there is no method to restore or see the backed-up messages manually. Additionally, other devices cannot read the messages that were backed up. Further, Google Drive’s saved communications eventually expire, making it unsuitable for long-term use.

Using TeleMessage Mobile Archiver

Due to their reliance on individual employee efforts and lack of comprehensiveness and robustness, most backup techniques could be more effective for corporate and governmental organizations with multiple Android users. This is especially accurate for institutions that are subject to regulations. Such firms must record SMS communications using an archiving system that will store them in a secure cloud server and keep them for years.

Employees of an enterprise can use TeleMessage to send messages securely and save text messages on Android devices. Businesses will no longer need to back up their text messages to maintain such information manually.