Many people have a negative perception of advanced technologies, but the truth is that they can benefit our lives in a number of different ways. One area that they can improve that many people might not realize is religion.

Divisiveness in the United States and the world at large is at an all-time high, which means that now more than ever, people need spirituality in their lives. Technology can help provide that.

Keep reading to learn about how technology will impact the future of the Church and Christianity in general.

Virtual Church Services

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, many congregations have found themselves unable to attend their churches. To combat that, religious leaders have begun holding virtual church services.

While such services are currently a response to the pandemic, many think that they will continue to be an option for people in the future.

Live church service streaming allows people from different counties, states, and even countries to all tune in to watch or listen to the exact same service. Programs like Zoom allow you to see one another, read the same verses, and listen to the same sermons.

This greatly expands the outreach of the church, allowing the community to encompass a far larger number of people.

Mobile Phones for Reading the Bible

In the past, many people saw buying a Bible for your home as somewhat of a rite of passage. You weren’t truly moved in until you had one sitting on your bookshelf or a coffee table. Now, that’s changing.

More and more people are beginning to use apps on their phones to read the Bible. While it may seem unconventional, it comes with the benefits of all other ebooks: portability and convenience, to name a few.

Not having to worry about buying dozens, or even hundreds of Bibles can also help churches save money, especially if resources are tight.

Augmented Reality for Biblical Storytelling

Many people, and especially children, have trouble grasping some of the more complex stories and verses of the Buble. But what if you didn’t have to try and imagine the context? What if you could see it right in front of you?

As technology evolves, many religious leaders are hoping that one day, they’ll be able to use augmented reality to their advantage. Augmented reality is a technology that combines the digital world with the physical world.

With regards to religion, it may help with Biblical storytelling. Instead of having to close your eyes to imagine a miracle take place at a mountain near Jerusalem, you’ll be able to see it right in front of you as you read the Bible!

The Future of the Church Looks Digital 

Far from rejecting new forms of technology, many Christians across the world have begun to embrace them. As this guide explains, the future of the Church and Christianity is sure to feature many different forms of technology, all of which can help bring people closer to one another and God.

Do you now have a better understanding of how Christians can use technology to facilitate prayer and service? If you do, take a moment to browse the rest of our site for more posts that explore religion and spirituality.