Smart watches have had a difficult life on their way to development. In 2014, Samsung, Apple and other press conferences “announced” the arrival of the era of smart watches. Then you can see the dismal market sales in 2016. This makes many consumers doubt their future development trend. Why did the smart watch, which was supposed to flourish, take a sharp turn?

Since Apple Watch entered the market in 2015, the development of the smart watch has shown an alarming speed. In the same year, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and other popular products attracted extensive attention. The enterprises that have not come into contact with the industry have started the development. Several enterprises have started to invest in the field of smart watches. What makes the data of smart watches look dismal one year later?

According to the analysis, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion. That is the high abandonment rate of consumers after buying. That includes the low purchasing desire before buying. Higher-quality products need to have a better reputation. It will promote the stickiness of users. There are deviations in the related work of smart watches. Data from the past two years show that the disposal rate of smart watches is high. Consumers often maintain a long service life after purchasing. Because many consumers have blind purchases, they have not defined their own purchase needs.

There are different definitions for consumers. This is due to the product positioning of smart watches. According to relevant data, in the past two years, consumers have been able to determine the proportion of their demand. This is not more than 60%.

Are smart watches about to enter a period of dullness and disappear in the market? There is much room for the development of smart watches. With the development of various socialization processes, consumers will be clear about their own needs. After the improvement of various equipment functions, the disposal rate will decrease. This can improve the market stickiness of consumers compared with before.

Various brands in the market concerns about the development of smart watches. For example, the hot millet watches color and HONOR MagicWatch 2 are on the market. These are all the relevant promotions made by some well-known intelligent terminal producers to their own brand products. The development of smart watches is progressing. You don’t need to worry.