A dental emergency means there is a need to see a dentist immediately to enjoy relief from oral health problems. Such issues occur when you meet with an accident, suddenly develop an infectious mouth disease that causes severe discomfort, or when your cosmetic dental surgery side effects pose a significant problem. 

A dental emergency usually occurs when your gums bleed nonstop, toothache is unbearable, facial bones are broken, or your teeth get dislodged and need immediate extraction. The skilled dentist in the Newtonbrook West area of North York provides emergency dental care at any hour. NewtonBrook Dental care clinic is one of them where you can avail oral treatment anytime. 

When to opt for dental emergency treatment?

  • A half-broken or chipped tooth is quite painful and sometimes need to be extracted immediately, or it may cut your tongue or other interior part of the mouth.
  • You may experience severe pain in any part of the mouth and need relief from it. Some toothache may occur because of bacterial infection between the two teeth. 
  • Suffering from dental abscess means there is swelling on the face or jaw. 
  • The dental restoration went wrong. Sometimes, dental implant procedures may cause trouble and lead to bleeding gums and painful toothache. 
  • Soft tissue injuries like punctures, lacerations, and tears need immediate medical treatment. 

Some tips to get relief from dental issues till you consult a dentist:

  • For toothache and swelling, applying a cold compress may provide temporary relief. 
  • Chipped or cracked teeth may leave some tiny pieces in the mouth that may injure the inside parts of the mouth. Hence, it will be helpful to rinse the mouth often, and the broken tooth fragments need to be taken to the dentist. 
  • For dental restoration, the only immediate fixing solution is using Vaseline, a denture adhesive. It helps to support the dental restoration issues till you reach the dentist’s clinic. 
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers work wonders; however, you need to buy from a reliable pharmaceutical shop. 

There are dental problems that don’t need emergency dentist consultation. Some of the problems are mild toothache, slight cracks in the tooth, dislodging of braces, some amount of bleeding in the gums, and a small cut in the mouth or sores. However, if the dental issue is severe, then it is beneficial to get immediate dental care. If left unattended, it may lead to serious problems.