Wedding a fantastic day to get to photograph, and being invited into such an essential event of your clients’ with lives is a great honor. As a Los Angeles event  photographer you will have a lot of responsibility to make this day memorial for your client. Wedding photography not like any profession, there are pros and cons involved. Through its a difficult job but it includes a lot of fun. In this article I am going to reveal 6 most difficult things about being a great wedding photographer, so let’s go for it.

Getting Started

You will write your name to be a professional photographer so that you’ll find yourself faced with a bit of a problem. You need experience shooting an event like a wedding, but you can not get it until you get hired. This is incredibly hard and challenging, for any photographer to get around. For this problem, I have to prefer to start your photography journey with an experienced photographer, work for him as his assistant. Either way you have to with him as his second shooter so that you can gain some experience with wedding photography.and not only is it difficult to get a job, but it’s an excellent investment of money to get all the gear needed to wedding justice. These events require, flashes, multiple lenses, backup equipment, and heaps of batteries,  chargers and memory cards, not to mention enough hard drives to back up the images correctly! Now, you can rent equipment to make those first few weddings a little less costly, but if you’re serious about getting into the photography business, you’ll eventually have to make a serious investment.


This one could take pretty much number 2 – 5 because there are so many aspects of the business of wedding photography. There are so many ways of the business of wedding photography that can be difficult. First off is just thinking out how to get run it properly. Then, as the director, you quickly realize that you are responsible for all the moving parts of your company. It is a big responsibility, but you will also get a lot of learning point that has to go on to decide out how to make it all run smoothly!

Mega Amounts of Work

Once you realize just how to go into running a business, it’s no surprise that wedding photography is a lot of hard work. Then add on all the real business stuff, like marketing branding, paperwork, pricing, bookkeeping, and then you have an idea why wedding photographers don’t get a ton of sleep.  But generally,  work a standard 5 day week, finish meeting and engagement shoots in the evening and then shoot a wedding on Saturdays.


Now its a big challenge of balance. A wedding can be very quickly taken over in your life. Finding time to be a person and not a wedding photographer, is severe. Your relationships with relatives also tend to suffer, since you’re usually not free on Fridays or Saturdays during wedding season.


In almost all wedding are seasonal in the world. It either becomes too hot in summer or too cold in winter. So during those seasons, you’ll find yourself with hardly any work. You will see a lot of work for the rest of the season. You have a lot of pressure on the wedding season, and you have to face it accurately or find ways to keep bringing in money when the weddings stop. It’s a big challenge.

Handling The Responsibility

You get only one chance to get memorize all the moment; it is your responsibility to make this event beautiful. You not only need to be technically expert enough you have to knowledge about how can you tackle the big event like a wedding. You also be prepared to handle that kind of pressure and problem, still, think creatively. If you are making your self before the wedding, it will be an effortless task for you. Note it down what is your actual work on the wedding, but you should understand that you’re shooting a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Remember wedding photography, not like other photography. You have to understand your client demand and heard and solely tried to fulfill it. It’s all your responsibility.