Some people simply do not like tucking away their camera inside closets and that is what results in all the adapters, memory cards, lens hood, lens cap, tripods, nodal rails, and more such camera-related equipment being scattered all over the room. Your camera is one of those prized possessions that you ought to store properly, owing to the memories they help you to weave. Improper storing of cameras might result in its damage. When you learn how to store the camera (วิธี เก็บ กล้อง, which is the term in Thai) properly, you can ensure its safety and prolong its lifespan.

Furthermore, counting on strategic camera storage can also help keep it in the best condition.

Best Camera Storing Hacks to Learn

Avoid Keeping Camera Near Electrical Equipment

When you are about to store your camera, ensure you keep all electronic devices away from the camera. Electrical devices of all types produce a magnetic field and if and when your camera is exposed to this magnetic field for a longer time, the camera’s LCD can get susceptible to damage.

Steer Clear of Harsh Climatic Conditions

If you are planning to store your camera for a longer duration, ensure to keep it in a place that doesn’t encounter temperature fluctuations. When exposed to extreme heat, the camera case can get susceptible to damage with the passing time. As for the LCD of the camera, it can be damaged under cold conditions.

Prevent Storing Your Camera in a High Humidity Place

When you store the camera in a damp place, the camera’s components might be damaged. You can end up having your lens filled with humidity. Humidity is your camera’s prime enemy as it can result in condensation inside the camera, which in turn can damage all the photos inside besides ruining the camera’s internal electronics.

Do Not Keep Your Camera Near the Sunlight

Stop storing your camera in places that receive sunlight in bounty for a longer duration. Your camera can get damaged due to direct sunlight and its heat. If you are sure that you wouldn’t be using your camera before a month or so, you can try using the additional hacks for the safe storage of your camera.

Safeguard Your Camera

If you have to store your camera for a long time, then consider investing in a sealed plastic bag for the purpose. Choose a plastic bag that boasts of moisture-absorbing desiccant, to ensure double protection against humidity. You can also consider using a camera bag for storing it. Whatever you do and wherever you store your camera, ensure to keep it in a place where there isn’t any chance of someone stepping onto it.

Apart from this, you should turn on the camera once every month, after you have carefully stored it. For particular recommendations on how to store the camera, you can always refer to the camera’s original user guide as well.