Before you go looking for the dog of your dreams, we created this article that will talk about the French bulldog puppy so that you understand how this type of puppy will behave and we have already taken the opportunity to talk about this breed called French Bulldog.

Stay tuned to the full article as it will give you a lot of information about the breed, the purpose here is to bring as complete information as possible so that you can make the right choice, at the right time and without later regret.

  • A very beautiful puppy with a rounded body and a very cute face, it is no wonder that the French bulldog puppy has won over most humans, they are affectionately called “Frenchie” being one of the favorite breeds of some celebrities. These cute puppies are very fond of playing, any kind of play is worth cheering these puppies, they really want to be always in touch with their human receiving and giving a lot of affection, we can say that they are very easy to take care of.

He has a sad look but it is very different from his look, the Frenchie bulldog puppy is an extremely lively, funny, very reliable dog, you will never find a dog that is as excited as he is. Chasing a ball will probably be your favorite toy, and follow a tip. Always keep it well accompanied with lots of toys as it needs a lot to spend its energy, otherwise it can spend this energy by biting your favorite slipper, the feet of your sofa and so on. In addition to all this information we can still say that the French bulldog puppy will require a lot of company. Get ready to have a very affectionate and excited dog!

Care for a French bulldog Puppy

The French bulldog puppy requires the same care that most dogs will require, generally this puppy will be quite healthy, and you must follow the first recommendations of your veterinarian to the letter, so that he starts his life cycle in good health. Some steps after weaning are very important and we list them for you below, pay attention to how you should proceed:

  • Stool tests
  • Vermifugar
  • Vaccines
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Early castration
  • Adequate food
  • Teeth Care

Probably these will be the steps that the veterinarian will start right after the 25/30 days of the birth of a puppy, talk a lot with your veterinarian he will know how to help you in this initial phase of your Frenchie dog puppy ‘s life. Like most small dogs the French bulldog as a puppy may experience hypoglycemia which is a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, causing weakness, drowsiness, dizziness and you may notice he is still quite confused.