Movies have been and always will be an inseparable part of cultural change. Generations changed, and the movie industry transitioned to what it is today. The magic of movies never ceases to amaze us even now. Though the types of the movie have considerably changed, it doesn’t affect the prospects of the film being successful. Movies with an appealing storyline become a fan favourite instantly. With the options of different genres, people can choose what they want to watch. Particular genre-based films have always clicked with the mass audience. The audience for these movies is constantly growing.

People loved the way of relieving stress by going to theatres to watch movies. The experience of reliving the epics on the big screens was the best. But the previous year came as a phantom putting a stop to such things. Shut inside their own homes only piled up on the misery. But no one dared to risk their lives by going out. The industries also fell into a miserable state. The pandemic got the better of all. Films got postponed. But like a shining ray of hope, OTT platforms came to the forefront. Unreleased movies got released on these platforms. The regional OTT services also gave a boost to the film industries. These services did their best to provide people with the best experience, from best picture quality to appropriate subtitles in different languages to enjoy. One of the OTT services to emerge was Aha OTT which provided only Telugu content. People were able to stream their favourite Telugu movies online. Many quality movies have been released on this platform. One such movie that is streaming on Aha is Shakthi.


For the lovers of superhero and action movies, this film delivered wonderfully. The film has been directed by P. S. Mithran stars Sivakarthikeyan, Arjun, AbhayDeol, KalyaniPriyadarshan and many more. The cinematography has been done brilliantly by George C. Williams. The music for the movie has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This film portrays the superhero that rests dormant inside all of us.

The story starts by showing a young Sakthi(Sivakarthikeyan), as he idolizes Shaktimaan and dreams of being like that. But when the harsh reality is conferred to him by his father, he abandons all his hopes of becoming one.

Fast forward to the future. Sakthi and his friend Ink(Robo Shankar) work as education brokers and run a xerox shop where they forge duplicate certificates in exchange for money. He meets Meera(KalyaniPriyadarshan), a social worker at an educational fair and falls in love with her. Sakthi’s friend Mathi(Ivana), a brilliant student who dreams of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer devises an engine that runs on saltwater. After knowing about Sakthi’s profession, Meera confronts him to find out the truth. After hearing his reason for doing so, she advises him to help Mathi get admitted. But the story takes an unfortunate turn, and we witness the rise of a hero.

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