Hitting the dance floor with shoes that move flawlessly as you dance can make your dancing experience more enjoyable. Sadly, most shoes have some friction with the floor.

While getting professional dance shoes is one method for managing the issue, this might be a costly course to take. Fortunately, you can make your shoes slippery using the essential hacks mentioned in this article.

Why are slippery shoes or Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud White required for dancing?

While a shoe with deep treads is excellent for climbing, dancing is different. Here’s the reason you want slippery shoes the following time you cut a rug:

Easy and quick and movement

Less slippery shoes make a ton of friction with the surface, making genuine dancing slightly tricky. When you make your shoes slippery, they glide effectively and easily on the dance floor, making you quickly hit your dance moves.

Keep you safe

Wearing shoes with a firm hold on the surface can put forth you to apply more effort while moving, perhaps even leading to foot injuries. Slippery shoes let your feet adjust without any problem and move as you dance, assisting with avoiding dance-related injuries.

Make your shoes slippery for dancing with these steps

There are various ways of making your shoes slippery for moving. We talk about the absolute fastest and most straightforward strategies in this segment. Moreover, a large portion of these hacks is cheap.

1 – The sandpaper method

This strategy is very simple and shouldn’t take over 20 minutes. It is additionally practical as all you want is elastic soles, sandpaper and you are all set.

The sandpaper technique works by straightening the shoe treads, making them smoother and slippery for dancing. A disadvantage to this strategy is that it yields more long-lasting results, hence is irreversible.

To get your shoes slippery utilizing sandpaper, you should simply follow these tips:

Ensure that the soles of your shoes are spotless. Eliminate any soil, debris, or foreign objects on the shoe. It prepares the shoe surface for smoothing with sandpaper.

Get your sandpaper, hold the shoe upright from within, and begin smoothing the sole. You can start from the top of the lower part of the shoe. Whichever you pick, guarantee that you follow a system to get a smooth surface. Check the shoe’s surface with your hand to ensure smooth and even.

Lastly, wear your shoes for a brief period on the harsh landscape, e.g., sandy ground. After this, your dancing shoes are all set for every movement!

2 – Utilizing Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape is a fabric-like sticky tape that is likewise waterproof. Nonetheless, a disadvantage of utilizing gaffer tape is harder to eliminate than suede paper. It additionally leaves a sticky residue on your shoe.


If you would instead not go through the problem of making your shoes or Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud White slippery yourself, you can take them to an expert shoemaker. It might be more costly, yet you will accomplish durable outcomes.