Libya, Somali, Syria, and some parts of Ukraine have been listed under the most dangerous destinations worldwide. Other countries that were also deemed to pose serious security risks to travelers in the year 2020 include Mali, Central African Republic, Yemen, Iraq, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. Regardless of the country where you’re flying into, you can make use of the intelligent flight tracker system and be aware of several significant things.

A study initiated by the International SOS, a privately-owned risk advisory company had analyzed three major risk factors in each country namely security, medical, and road safety. Travel security is characterized by the level of violence, government authority over the citizens, and the accessibility of the country to each prospective traveler. Its readiness and ability to handle natural disasters, social unrest, emergency scenarios, and its infrastructure do contribute to one’s country’s travel safety. Poor healthcare service and common infectious diseases such as cholera and malaria make a certain country be marked as a high travel risk destination. Road safety is being analyzed in comparison to the number of deaths per 100,000 people.

Several countries that can be found in Africa fell short when it comes to travel security as well as in Asia and eastern Europe. When it comes to medical preparedness and safety, Niger, Libya, Guinea, Eritrea, and the Central African Republic were deemed unsafe together with Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sierra Leone, and Haiti. Venezuela is also included in the list since there was a decline in the country’s healthcare system. North Korea comes in as well since it’s unable to manage appropriately the potential disease outbreak. Unfortunately, in Africa, almost 25 road deaths incident occur for every 100,000 citizens. The same scenario goes with Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, too.

In the case of Vietnam and Thailand, they also have high mortality rates for road users. Previously, British tourist has died after using scooters and cars on the given and difficult terrain. The British doctor died after passing out at the wheel in Thailand. Another incident is about the young traveler who was killed in a horror moped crash just this year in Vietnam.

The United Kingdom Foreign Office’s efforts don’t align with the given advice form the recent international SOS map. In a statement, it is delivered the advice against traveling to various dangerous countries such as Afghanistan and Libya, to name a few. On the brighter side, several countries like Eritrea, Guinea, and the Dominican Republic have deemed safe to visit for tourists who want to experience the country’s genuine offerings.

One of the possible threats to travelers for the succeeding years is the so-called geopolitical shifts. Such a given risk came from the regional security director at the International SOS, Matthew Bradley. In addition to that, the civil unrest which is certainly generated from inequality would also affect the number of visitors per country. Some of the great examples include Chile, Hong Kong, and Bolivia. As of the moment, the United States of America is deemed a low-risk destination, however, this can still change following the presidential election if there happens back to back riots.

Luckily for the United Kingdom and the majority of western European countries, they are considered a safe place to travel and explore also in terms of medical, security and road risks.

The top of the list of the safest places to be visited is the Scandinavian countries with insignificant travel security risks in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, respectively. Travelers who would like to spend their holiday or short vacation to the said countries are expected to make the most out of their dream trip. No need to worry about the possible risks.

A result of the study conducted just this year shows that Singapore, Tokyo, and Osaka are the safest cities worldwide. British travelers, on the other hand, have been warned to avoid traveling to Barcelona, Bali, and the Florida Keys for 2020 due to over-tourism which may further cause damage to the local habitat. If you want to drive safely, well, you should avoid Germany and Australia since a study found out that they had the most traffic accidents enlisted last year.