For quite some time, advertisement remains playing a considerable role behind maximizing the business visibility, earning loyalty and enhancing greater response rate whatever the type of economic existed on the planet. For a long time, top advertisers are really promoting their services or products via traditional mediums of communication like TV, print media & radio ads etc, that was surpassed by computers now by mobile video ads. Using the recent report of “Ericsson Mobility Report”, roughly 73% of advertisers have noticed that mobile advertisements are equally or higher effective than traditional marketing channels.

Mobile video advertisement is much more appropriate to traditional television ads or commercials

Since a really extended time, brands used television ads to achieve their audiences and offer their messages for customers. But, with the look of mobile video advertising platforms like moLotus, the whole marketing process remains transformed and automatic. t-mobile deals to switch mobile is easily the most hands-held method is comparatively more user-friendly and less pricey than television commercials. And, because cell phones allow a never-ending flow of understanding and simple convenience anytime.

As mentioned through the recent report by “adespresso”, digital mobile video advertising is 40% more efficient than ads show on television. This small yet effective frame plays a huge role in comparison to TVs or laptops in brand building. The actual reason behind the greater impact of mobile video ads than television commercials may be the part of screen covered.

A hugely demand marketers/advertisers- Mobile video advertising

Research conducted recently kept in the “College of Michigan Institute for Social Research” noticed that 62% of individuals use their smartphone while awaiting something (like coffee, buses or anybody) so that you can fill a apparent space in their everyday existence. Nowadays, consumers spend generally employing their cell phones.

Nowadays, traditional marketing mediums aren’t needed by marketers. Replacing the traditional versions of advertising platforms, mobile movie marketing platforms like moLotus has switched in to a golden chance to get the best marketers or advertisers to approach their clients and promote their brands. It can benefit brands boost their response rate, generates new revenue, and reduces manual work and headcounts while maximizing profit.

moLotus, a mobile video advertising platform can get high recognition among top brands or marketers by enhancing customer achieve, creating so much much deeper engagement, obtaining new clients, delighting existing customers, reducing marketing cost and generating greater roi.

moLotus- Enhances customer engagement and brand awareness

moLotus, a cutting-edge mobile video customer interaction platform remains introduced in the marketplace through getting an objective to enhance customer acquisition, interaction & engagement, brand awareness and prospecting process while saving printing & mailing cost. It’s multiple call-to-action options like SMS, calls and clickable link, that assist brands easily speak with their clients and get their priceless feedback. With moLotus, brands or marketers delivers limitless wealthy media personalized & interactive videos by themselves customers’ mobile messages box without requiring any mobile application or internet data. Its audio-visual content enhances customer experience, doubles the response rate and increases revenue by multifold.