A lot of people believe that gaming in a real-life casino is better than gaming in an online casino. But, of course, that is not true. It all depends on what type of online casino users go to. If a player is looking for a trusted online casino Malaysia, they can rest assured knowing that Bolaking casino puts the player’s best interest at heart. They go the extra mile to provide the players with a 50% bonus for the first time deposits made.

Why online gambling is more dangerous than real-life casino gambling

  1. If a player with a gambling problem spends a day or two at a casino, it’s highly likely that someone will notice that there’s a problem. On the other hand, it’s not as easy to notice the same problem if someone is doing the gambling from their phone.
  2. As part of the treatment plan, players are supposed to avoid going to the casino. This poses a huge challenge when it comes to online casinos as these platforms are readily available from their phone, laptop, or tablet. As long as the person has internet access they can easily visit a virtual casino and continue playing.
  3. Thanks to the integration services available for online casinos, access to the player’s bank account is one click away. As a result, the possibility of impulse betting as the player chases losses is more than double. With real-life casinos, the player has to go to the bank or ATM to make a withdrawal and this greatly lowers the likelihood of impulse betting.
  4. Sometimes when you’re online, it’s very easy for you to feel like that the electronic money you’re using is not real. For this reason, players tend to go overboard with the spending and only realize their mistake once their money runs out.

For some players, it doesn’t end there. They can still use credit cards to make deposits into their online account when their money runs out.

  1. With online gambling, the casinos try to trick the players by first offering them a “free-to-play” version of the game. Once the player is comfortable with placing bets using the free version, they then move to the real version where they need to use real money to place bets. With the free version, the odds are very attractive but change in favor of the casino as soon as real money is involved.

This is how most players are introduced to online gambling.

  1. Real-life casinos can actually ban players upon realizing that they have an addiction problem. There’s very little that online casinos can do to ban problem gamblers. Even though they have policies in place, these policies are not strictly enforced.

Additionally, banning a player on one website doesn’t stop him from signing up on another site. With physical casinos, they would have to at least move to a different location.


For most of the reasons listed above, it’s illegal to operate an online casino in most countries. As a result, most of the online casinos are registered in other countries where the business is legal.

Players need to be very careful with their habits to avoid getting addicted. If unfortunately, you have already gotten to that point it’s advisable that you seek professional help.