The Internet has made it easy for buyers to shop for cars from out of state private seller or a dealership. The challenge arises when you need to get it shipped safely to your door step. You can fly and pick a new car, but this is time-consuming. Besides, you don’t desire to add pointless mileage to the new car. As the distance is long, it is sensible to ship the car instead of drive.

It is essential to look for a professional car shipping company. Ship a Car, Inc. is the best transport company that has a reputation of offering a seamless vehicle transport experience. The distance doesn’t matter it is the service quality and satisfaction that you can find reading customer reviews on their website.

How to transport a recently purchased new car out of state?

Choose a vehicle transport company

Find a reliable auto transport company, which has experience in shipping cars out of state. The cost must also be affordable. Every company will differ. So, you need to check the services offered. Many offer exclusive services like a price-matching policy and damage-free guarantee. Such exclusivity can give you an advantage in your budget or the unique situation. Get several shipping quotes, which will give you an idea of what price to expect.

Car shipping is costly, so expect to pay several hundred dollars to get your new car transported. The auto shipping rates depend on several factors. Vehicle size and final destination distance are most obvious, but rates can differ due to shipment method choice, season demand, and delivery route the trucker will take. Therefore, accurate prediction of the car transport cost is not possible. One important tip is to book services in advance to lock low rates.

Shipping methods

The auto shipping companies generally offer two shipping methods – enclosed and open carriers. The former offers more protection but is pricey. It is the best method for long-distance transport.

Communicate with the dealership or private seller

You got several quotes, hired an auto transport company, choose a shipping method and now it is time to communicate with the private seller or the dealership from whom you purchased the new car. You will need to offer several documents to the trucker.

  • Your driver’s license
  • The new car’s title & registration documents
  • Car insurance proof
  • Car keys

As you will not be present during pickup, it is crucial to ensure that the dealership or the private seller from whom the car was purchased is present there to give the above things. So, coordinate with the dealership in advance about the pickup plans, so they are prepared.

Check the bill of lading

During pickup, the trucker will ask the person present to sign the bill of lading. It is a legal agreement that includes the detail of the car getting transported along with its condition. BOL offers legal protection if something is not right with the delivery.

Sometimes the seller calls the buyer during pickup to check the BOL before signing and releasing the car to the trucker. The car gets loaded onto the carrier and heads out. The seller sends you a fax of the BOL for your records.