After a successful teeth whitening treatment is done, it is very important to think about the top ways to maintain your teeth color. There are certain tips by the cosmetic dentist in Fresno, CA, that you must follow to ensure the results last for a longer time. If you are unaware of how to care for your treated teeth, we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed certain tips for maintaining teeth whitening treatment. Here we go! 

Tips to maintain your white teeth after the treatment 

1. Avoid tea and coffee 

It is the right time to cut off this habit if you regularly drink tea or coffee. These drinks leave a lasting stain on your teeth. This causes teeth discoloration. According to the dentist, you must drink warm water or plain milk as it does not have ingredients that may cause teeth staining. 

2. Avoid dark sauces 

Everyone loves dark sauces. However, these are not good for your teeth as they cause tooth discoloration and stains. Therefore, you must avoid dark sauces such as red pasta sauce and barbecue sauce. Instead, use white sauce as it is less likely to stain your teeth. 

3. Do not eat dark chocolates 

Chocolates are not only the favorites of kids but adults love them too! However, these are impacting your teeth and causing discoloration. Dark chocolate contains caffeine which easily stains your teeth. If you love to eat chocolates, you must avoid these as it negatively impacts the treatment results.

4. Say no to acidic foods

Orange, lemon, or any other citrus fruit flavor is present in acidic dishes. They don’t help teeth get whiter, but they do give food a nice taste. Their acidic flavor may erode your enamel. Your key responsibility is to take care of your teeth after going to your cosmetic dentist in Surprise, Arizona, for teeth whitening. Avert any acidic or sour foods. Moreover, adhere to your dentist’s recommendations.

 5. Floss your mouth  

Another important tip that you must follow every day after the teeth whitening treatment is flossing your mouth. As you eat something, bacteria tend to feed into your mouth, leaving stains behind. Once you floss, all the food particles get removed, leaving behind sparing white teeth. 

Wrapping Up

Getting teeth whitening treatment will boost your confidence. By following these tips, you can maintain the effects of your treatment.