The goal of every Christian is to become more like Jesus Christ. His compassion, love, and grace for all humanity are to be shown through humans like you!

But how exactly do you do that? Christian living doesn’t always seem so straightforward. Nevertheless, there are practical ways in which you can live out your faith.

If you’re wondering how to be a better Christian, here are some great, practical tips.

  1. Serve The Poor

One of the ways Jesus showed his love for others was by spending time with the poor and the oppressed. The Bible says that he performed miracles and loved those who were poor in spirit.

Though you probably won’t perform miracles, you can still serve those who are poor or less fortunate. Find a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or other community outreach program that caters to the poor or those in poverty. Acting out your faith is one way to show others the love of Jesus.

  1. Go to Church

About 43% of Americans don’t attend church or religious service. While there are a variety of reasons that uphold this statistic, Christians should be attending a weekly church service of some kind.

This is because Christians need to worship as a congregation or a community. From the very beginning, God’s people were always about a community. They helped each other, protected, and took care of each other, and this is what the church does for its members.

Being part of a church is not easy, but it’s an essential component of being a better Christian.

  1. Wear It!

Not everyone has a natural evangelical and outgoing attitude! Some people can strike up conversations about Christianity naturally, while others struggle and don’t know what to say.

Thankfully, there is plenty of appeal and accessories that can help you show off your faith. They’re also a great conversation starter. Check out these Christian T-shirts for some inspiration and encouragement.

  1. Read Books

The Bible should be the center of all learning for Christians, but sometimes you might get stuck on a passage or book of the Bible.

Many other books on the Christian market address Biblical confusion and even tips on how to live a spiritually disciplined life. There’s no shortage of books you can turn to help you understand the Bible better and how to draw closer to Jesus.

Feeding your spiritual life with a good assortment of books will almost always have an impact on how you live your life for Jesus.

  1. Get A Mentor

Does the Christian walk ever seem lonely? Are you sometimes lost on what choices to make that glorify God?

This is where finding a mentor comes in handy! A mentor is someone who walks through life with you and gives you advice. An older, more experienced Christian can speak truth and goodness into your life while also being a friend.

How to Be A Better Christian

Just wondering how to be a better Christian isn’t enough; you do have to take some action! Thankfully, God always rewards and comforts those who are drawing close to him.

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