One of the earliest decisions you will make when setting up your website is the web builder to use, a free or paid one. The web builder you choose will affect your website performance, which is why you should carefully develop a professional web design Denver has experts. In the past, building a website used to be complicated and expensive because it requires a web developer. Now, free web building makes the process less complicated and cheaper. Here are the points to help you decide the better option for you.

Factors to consider before choosing the best web builder for you

Simple to use interface:

An important factor to consider before you decide whether to go for a free or paid web builder is the interface. Choose a web builder that is user-friendly and can be easily navigated. The last thing you want is for customers to leave your website confused and frustrated. Wix and WordPress are web builders with user-friendly interfaces.


If you have a low budget, then the next best thing is to get an efficient free web builder. Most free plans have limitations but still provide you with good web design, Denver’s customizable templates, and great SEO tools. 

Customizable Templates

A website is a brand tool for your business; this means that you cannot have it looking like every other website. If you want unique web designs, a free web builder may not be the best choice as their design templates are limited. A good web designer can easily provide a unique template that is specifically tailored to suit your business and brand. Although free web builders have many customizable templates, a paid web builder is still the best option.

Owning your Domain

If you use a free web builder, your website will look like this:; this means you are using a subdomain. Working on a subdomain makes your website URL harder to remember and limits what you can do on your website. If your website is to generate revenue, for example, an e-commerce store, then a paid web builder is the best option. A free domain works well for personal blogs. 

SEO and Mobile Optimization

If you choose a free web builder and decide to scale your business later by changing to a paid plan, you risk losing any SEO relevance you have gained. Also, most free web builders are not optimized for mobile. Be sure to check if the web builder is optimized for mobile before deciding, for traffic’s sake.


Whichever option you decide, choose the option that will be best for your business in the long run. It’s advisable to invest money and get the best possible option for your website.