If a workplace accident results in an injury, the victim should contact a Liebman Legal employment law expert. A reputable attorney will explain the victim’s rights, the practical and legal steps they must take, as well as how the litigation process works. Employees who deal with the issues on their own usually make the following mistakes that can cause them to lose their case and some benefits, as well as fail to properly get all the compensation and medical care they deserve. 

Not Reporting their Injury Properly and Promptly

If you are a victim of a workplace accident, you must notify your manager, supervisor, or employer about the accident right away. This way, you don’t forfeit your rights to benefits. Also, it impacts your credibility. Your employer and their insurance company may argue that you would have told them immediately if you were really injured. 

A lot of employers have written guidelines for what they should do when a workplace accident happens. You must follow the procedures outlined in these documents. But, if your employers or their insurance provider will challenge your claim, ensure to consult with an employment attorney.

Failing to Get Immediate Medical Treatment

Delayed treatment will hurt your chances to get the best medical recovery and prove your claim. Medical professionals are best able to treat patients if the latter see them as soon as possible. Also, insurance companies may question your claim if you don’t’ see a doctor right away.

Not Being Honest with your Employer about your Real Condition

 Saying that you are okay when you really do hurt can be used against you. That is why you must seek medical treatment right away. If doctors say there is nothing to worry about, then fine. However, usually, serious symptoms of an injury will manifest after some time. 

Failing to Tell the Doctor How the Accident Took Place

You must tell your doctor or other healthcare providers how the accident occurred, that it took place at work, and that workplace conditions caused the accident. The doctor must properly document that your accident is work-related. Otherwise, the insurance company of your employer may claim your injuries were caused by an accident not related to work. 

Failing to Follow Through with the Recommended Medical Treatments

Ensure to follow the advice of your treating physician, so your employers won’t terminate your medical bills and comp checks. If you don’t follow the recommendation of your doctor, you will also jeopardize your chances of a healthy recovery.