It is in charge of receiving your guests but must also be prepared to prevent unwanted visits. Have you ever considered how the ideal entrance door should be? solidor doors do, and we will tell you next.

Whether you are one of those who consider the existing door in your home as good – as you do with the walls or windows – or if you are considering changing it to a better model, it is convenient to analyze the aspects that should be met to ensure the safety of your family, not forgetting issues such as isolation or aesthetics.

Inside Or Outside?

It is not the same to live in an apartment inside a building – with other floors on the same landing – than in an isolated villa with the door arranged outside.

For living in isolated villa, the door must have not only a higher level of security than in the first but also a weather-resistant finish. And, only after having resolved those issues – and not before – should we focus on topics such as color or design that best suit.

What Do I Notice?

There are three parts that make up an entrance door: the frame (a fence that surrounds the door and serves to reinforce it), the sheet (composed of a chipboard interior, sheet steel, etc. and a metallic exterior finish, of wood, lacquered, PVC, etc.) and the closure (formed by the side anchors that are located in the door frame, the lock, the hinges and the anti-lever side anchors).

Depending on the materials and characteristics of each of these parts, there are different levels of door protection.

What Is an Armored Door?

With sheet and steel frame (on which you can place the desired finishing material), they are the doors that offer the highest level of security and, therefore, also the most expensive.

The armored doors have steel both on the stringers and on the head, which makes up the frame that surrounds it and reinforces it, as on its leaf. They offer the highest level of security, although the price is the highest.