Dota Underlords is released, free for all – open Beta access

Dota Underlords is a game of the newborn gaming genre that still has no name, but mane big companies already created similar games. The ancestor of this genre is a custom game in the Dota 2 – Auto Chess, developed by Drodo.

It was so successful that Drodo decided to create a separate project for mobiles and PC – Auto Chess. Valve gave him all the rights with the only two small conditions: First – they will develop their similar game that will share most in-game mechanics. And second – Drodo cannot use the images of heroes in his new standalone game. All sides were satisfied and now we have 2 separate games – Dota Underlords and Auto Chess.


But Riot Games are not standing still and developed their own clone of this super popular mod – Team Fight Tactics. Only time will show which of them will find the most place in the hearts of players. But in this article, I will tell you everything about Dota Underlords ranked boost and the very game.

Underlords: Design

The biggest flaw in the whole Dota Underlords were huge UI elements that feel too big for the PC game. It was obvious that the alpha version of this game was developed to mobile phones, but still, the elements of the user interface were enormous for a big screen. Luckily this was fixed in the first week, during the closed beta, where only owners of the Dota 2 Battle Pass could participate.

The settings menu looked like it was ripped out directly from the Dota 2 client. It doesn’t feel like it belongs here and I am sure that Valve will change it in the nearest time. But remember that most of the cross-platform games gave different looking User Interface, just take a look at the Hearthstone.

underlords design

The design of heroes is great, but I clearly see that Valve does not have enough time to give to each two and three starts unit a different skin. The model of heroes is looking almost the same as it is in Dota, but with the reduced polygons to decrease the requirements to the hardware (after all the main market for this game is the mobile market).

Underlords: Heroes

The heroes are all the same as in early build of Dota 2 Auto Chess and most of the abilities (except a few examples) are similar. And it is understandable, this was balanced quite well, and the very heroes and these mechanics are the property of the Valve themselves.

underlords heroes

But even considering that this is an early build of Dota Auto Chess, that still has Sand King, Slark, and other units, Dota Underlords already have some unique heroes with interesting mechanics.

  • PudgeUndead Warrior that could hook the most far standing enemy (useful against mages and hunters);
  • BloodseekerHuman Assassin that continuously losing HP but gaining attack speed for every % of HP he lost. Cures by 30% of max HP for the last hit of an enemy unit;
  • Arc WardenElemental Shaman that is making Elemental strategy worthy again. His skill is Tempest Double, that creates a doppelganger of this unit that could use the same ability to endlessly create copies of himself. Copies also duplicate the item of the host;
  • WarlockBlood-Bound (ogre) Warlock that healing or dealing damage to the enemy depends on the in-game situation.