To give you a helping hand in your vacation sports schedule, we have prepared a list of winter sports that you can try out in a ski resort. Check out!

Mountain Bike In The Snow: Yes, It Is Possible To Ride In The Ski Resorts

Do you like cycling and want to try a different winter sport? Then it would be best if you experienced mountain biking on snow on your next ski vacation. The combination of bikes and snow usually doesn’t end well, but thanks to the fat bike – a unique bike with wider, more robust tires – this snow sport has become a sensation in many ski resorts in the United States and Europe. You can rent this bike adapted for snowy terrain directly at destinations. Check with your hotel or resort.

Hiking With Rackets: A Different Way To Discover The Mountains

If you like hiking in the snow, you can explore the mountains on a snowshoe hike. With the help of special shoes, it is possible to walk on snowy terrain without running the risk of sinking. At the best resorts and ski resorts, you will find equipment for rent, as well as specialized guides willing to accompany you on the best paths in the season.

Snowmobile: Venture Into Open Snowy Terrain Or Trails

For a high dose of excitement and speed, snowmobiling is one of the best options among winter sports. Also known as a snowmobile, this motorized vehicle is perfect for exploring breathtaking natural scenery while your adrenaline goes up there. You can rent it by the hour and drive it across open terrain or trails for a fantastic winter adventure. The machines can accommodate more than one person, but the most common is to have a driver in each, and the tour takes place in a group.

Air Board: Adrenaline In Snow For Adults And Teenagers

Looking for fun with a bit of adrenaline? The Air board, then, is the winter sport you desire so much in a kind of high-tech inflatable sled, you can descend the mountains at an average speed of 50 km/h. Carried out only in safe areas, the air board is one of the fastest-growing snow sports in ski resorts. But beware: the air board is only available for adults and teenagers, not for children!

Nordic Walking: Ideal Snow Sport To Exercise The Body And Mind

If you want to explore the ski resort with a more relaxed winter sport, Nordic walking is an excellent choice. Increasingly popular in snow destinations, this type of sport consists of walking following the natural movement of the arms, with the aid of two sticks in the hands. In addition to working every muscle in the body, Nordic walking is a good exercise for the mind as you can breathe in the fresh mountain air and discover beautiful winter landscapes along the way.