Pearls are delicate jewellery accessory which needs special care. As they are vulnerable and soft, they can be easily damaged by either with harsh chemicals or any other harder gemstones.

Even perspiration or perfume can also cause pearls to lose their lustre, hence it is very important to ensure that they must be properly cleaned and also cared for. For more info read this post.

Cleaning your pearls

You just regularly clean your pearls after you wear them to remove perspiration or dirt accumulated on them.

Just wipe your pearls with soft cloth or by using soft brush clean them. You can also moisten the brush or cloth with water to make the task easier.

Ensure you clean the pearls well particularly around the holes drilled, as this is the place where dirt gets accumulated.

Also, you can use pearl cleaner, but prefer not to use any type of cleaning solution that you find in store, but ensure that it is made particularly for cleaning pearls.

Allow them to dry after you have cleaned your pearls. Better to lay the pearls on flat surface but not hang them.

Things to avoid while caring for pearls

  • Never use detergent or household cleaners for cleaning pearls. Also, avoid using ammonia or baking soda on them.
  • Mild soap can be used but only after ensuring its brand which does not harm pearls.
  • Avoid using any jewellery cleaners which are not for cleaning pearls.
  • Also, don’t put the pearls in steam or ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Avoid using abrasive cloth or hard brush to clean your pearls as your pearl’s may ger damaged.

Restringing pearls

In case, you have pearl necklace then you must get it restrung after every 2 to 3 years or so. String generally wears off, gets dirty with time.

While stringing pearls, it will be best to have few knots between them in order to protect them so that they do not rub each other and also fall out suddenly all at once if the strand breaks.

Storing pearls

You must store them by keeping separately from other jewellery pieces and store them in any soft bag e.g. velvet or silk.

Avoid storing them for long time within an air tight box. Rather you must regularly wear them.