Kitchen is the heart of every home and nowadays there are many different options available to create modular kitchen. If you too are interested in modular kitchen then it is necessary to do proper planning.

You can find modular kitchen price within your range with careful planning.  

Therefore, while planning to start the project, you need to consider the following few points.

  1. It is essential that while buying various materials for your modular kitchen always prefer to select the material from a reputed supplier, as this is a onetime investment and you are not going to buy materials every second day.
  2. Before finalizing the design that you have in mind, try to find a similar sample modular kitchen and try to check all the materials and their sources. If the materials used in the sample kitchen is working well then it will work for your kitchen too.
  3. While designing any modular kitchen, always prefer to take help from any professional designers particularly during the kitchen installation.
  4. Give extra attention about the lighting inside the kitchen. Make sure that there are sufficient lightings available so that every corner of the kitchen is clearly visible.

Also, you should prefer to colour the wall with certain bright colour as any dark coloured kitchen will give an impression of a smaller kitchen.

Prefer to put lighting inside the cabinet too so that one can easily see the items within the cabinet.

  1. In case, if your kitchen happens to be smaller in size then try to use of certain light colours like off white or beige. In order to brighten or enliven the kitchen, also you may accentuate it by using bright certain colours.

Again, if you prefer for any dark colours then your kitchen may appear to be much smaller than its actual size.

  1. Every kitchen needs extra storing space in order to store many extra items. In order to increase storage space, you can have extra drawers and cabinets. You can store your grinders, dishwashers, mixer and many other kitchen appliances.
  2. If your kitchen size is much smaller then you can offer a look of large kitchen by adding metallic dining table.
  3. It is necessary to locate your sink in such a place that it can be accessed very easily by the person who will be using the kitchen.
  4. Prefer to use ceramic tiles which is most suitable for Indian kitchen as it can be very easily cleaned and maintained.

What are basic storage options available for kitchen?

  1. Base units/under counter units

All these units are normally used for storing heavy, large or few kitchen equipment that are seldom used.

  1. Wall mounted units

All wall mounted units usually have very small depth and hence worktops under them can always be used without any hindrance. They can allow crockery to reach without bending up or down.

  1. Tall units

In order to store cleaning materials any full height cupboards will be more suitable. Can be used for housing refrigerator or microwaves.

  1. Chimney

Chimneys in any modular kitchen are not just a show piece but a very useful item and tend to keep the kitchen totally free from smoke, steam, other vapours and oil.

All of us prefer to have an eye-catching kitchen and well-designed kitchens can offer strong feelings and can make your homes saleable and also increase value of your property.