You are in the produce aisle looking for leafy greens. Out of the corner of your eye, you see your high school crush. You think that’s funny and decide to strike up a conversation.

They tell you they are so glad to have run into you. You two decide to get coffee. You end up spending the rest of your life with this person.

Is this just a chance encounter or something more? Could something at large be at play here? It could just be that your spirit guides are playing chess.

How can we understand these types of feeling better? What purpose do they serve?

If you’d like to dive deeper and learn “what is a spirit guide”—do yourself a favor and enjoy.

What Is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a formless being meant to serve you for your time here on Earth. Navigating through life is difficult enough. Spirit guides are present to be your celestial friend so-to-speak.

There is comfort in knowing you are not alone in this lifetime (especially when we need help most). Your spirit guide walks along this path with you as you learn the lessons life has to offer.

Who exactly are these spirit guides though? Are they with us from birth to death?

We choose our spirit guides before we incarnate. Our Higher Self chooses our spirit guides.

Some guides are with us for eternity while others will show up just when we need them. They are on the sidelines while you are running the ship.

Connecting With Spirit Guides

While they do not have headsets on, they can and do send you signals. Be aware of the signs and signals they send you from time to time. Think of your mind like a radio dial and tune into the signals.

Yes, your spirit guides will connect with you. There are several ways in which they like to get your attention.


Spirit guides can nudge you in the direction they want you to go. They might rearrange something for you to follow a certain path. In the end, you have free will, but your guides will do the best they can.

Through People

A spirit guide will bring the right people to you at the right times. These people will appear to you as some synchronicity or strange occurrence.

You may be thinking of someone from your past, and all of a sudden you bump into them. Another scenario would be if you need certain people to bring about some sort of change in your life. You start talking with them and it feels so effortless like you’ve known them for years.

Seeing the Signs

It’s important to look for the signs. You will feel these signs more if you develop the senses for it. Look for the signage through synchronicities.

You may repeatedly see the same thing throughout your daily routine.

What are your spirit guides trying to tell you? Once you’ve seen the signs, you’ll get the message. Pay attention and you’ll receive an epiphany from the Universe!

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

If you’d like to directly connect with your spirit guide, you are free to do so! Contacting your spirit guide is one of the best ways to get to know them and understand yourself on a deeper level.


Journaling is one of the best ways to connect with your spirit guides.

Follow our guide to connect with your spirit guide through writing.

  1. Fire up a blank word document.
  2. At the top write, “Communicating with My Spirit Guide.”
  3. Type as if you’re communicating with them in dialogue.
  4. You will start to feel the answers are no longer coming from you.
  5. Enjoy your conversation with your spirit guide!


Meditation is yet another great example of contacting your spirit guide. This is similar to journaling but within your mind.

  1. Sit with your eyes closed.
  2. Imagine being in a room or garden with one or multiple spirit guides.
  3. Talk to them and ask them questions.

The more you do this, the better your answers will be. This is because you are developing a stronger relationship with your spirit guides.

When contacting your spirit guides, you may receive some special offers.

Let Your Spirit Rise

Now that you no longer have to ask “what is a spirit guide”, what else can we explore? The answer is plenty!

Tune into your feelings and vibrations. Let your spirit rise with us. Continue your spiritual path with our blog today!