Holidays are coming, and so are the unending expenses that come with it. It is so easy to make plans when you really want to go on a holiday vacation. It’s a holiday, after all, a time for a reflection and a time to get away from all the bustle and hustle of your everyday life. You feel like you really deserved a hard-earned vacation, but is worried that after that, you’re gonna return back home with no money in your pocket. We feel you, man. We’d been there, and so we came up with tips on how to have a fabulous vacation without breaking the bank.

Without further ado, here are the 8 tips that you can follow to achieve your dream travel without breaking the bank.

  1. Plan ahead of time.If you really want to save on your dream travel, it is always better to plan for it ahead of time. Planning ahead gives you more time to research about your destination, create your itinerary and prepare for your budget. The most important part of planning your trip when you want to save is taking the time to create your budget. Every detail of your travel will require having some budget, from booking your flights, getting into the destination and roaming around the destination, to your lodging, meals, and souvenir expenses, all of it must be properly planned to avoid breaking your bank.
  2. Find good deals and discounts for airfares and lodging.A lot of airlines and agencies give promos and discounts for its frequent flyers and customers. They even announce it on their websites and ads, so there is no excuse that you will not know if they have some published promos for the airfares and discounts for lodgings. You can also opt to subscribe to their ads list so you will not miss any promos that they are offering. Make good use of the free internet in your favorite coffee shop and look for great deals online.
  3. Travel in the off-season.Traveling during peak season can mean expensive flights and hotels, and a very crowded tourist attraction. One way to travel without breaking the bank is by doing it during off-peak seasons. Off-seasons mean less crowded tourist attractions and a great chance to find the best deals in airfares and accommodations. If you can’t avoid traveling during peak season, you can, on the other hand, select an off-peak day. Midweek like Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to travel to find great deals.
  4. Make use of modern technology while traveling.Sometimes, the smallest things like our android phones and smartphones can help us, even more, to save some money while traveling. Embracing technology and using it for your advantage can be a big factor in saving some dime on your bank. Reliable travel apps like flight tracker, maps, and translators can help you big time while on your travel. A flight tracker like, for example, can help you check if there is any delay or cancellation on your flight, so you can avoid getting stuck in the airport and pay for any unnecessary things outside of your budget when waiting for your flight. You can also make use of these modern technologies to read reviews from your fellow travelers about the place that you will be going to.
  5. Avoid always using your credit cards.Swiping your credit cards will do you no good when traveling. Control your budget and try to distribute your budget in different envelopes with different categories. Credit cards can be a strong temptation in spending especially when you see something really nice in your destination.
  6. When it’s free, go for it.There are so many ways to explore your destination without spending too much or for free. Walking around the city, hiking up the mountains, sunbathing and swimming on the beach, going to a free art gallery or museums, or checking out your destination parks, I mean there are a lot of things you can do for free, so take advantage and go for it. Once you know where your destination is, do some research and find things that are free to do in there. You’ll never know, these free things can be the best moments that you’ll always remember on your trip.
  7. Prepare your own meals.Cooking and preparing your own meals when you have a kitchen in the place where you will stay at your destination is a great way to save money on your travel. If your hotel also offers a complimentary meal or breakfast, it is smart to take your breakfast at the hotel before you start your activities for the day. Word of mouth and asking locals for the best budget-friendly restaurant is another great way to save and enjoy your travel away from your home.
  8. Be creative in looking for your accommodation. Your accommodation can be one of the things that can make your travel a memorable one. Depending on what you prefer, you can always look for a cheaper option when you do your planning a little earlier before your date of travel. Booking in advance can save you big time when looking for accommodation, it will also help you reserve for your preferred one as most popular accommodations can get fully booked especially during peak seasons. Booking guesthouses and hostels are also a great way to save for your travel.