wonderful indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia is one of the destination places where you can learn something that you will remember in a lifetime. Although there are a lot of things to do in Yogyakarta, what caused people to fall in love with this place was the number of stuffs you can learn while you are in there.

If you’re visiting Southeast Asia, do include Yogyakarta in your itinerary in case you’re looking for a unique experience. Below are the things that you can learn while you’re in Yogyakarta:

  1. Batik Making

The custom of Batik Making can be found in Lots of Nations, but Indonesian Batik is the best known in the world. In fact, the term “Batik” originated in the Javanese language. So why not learn from the people who know it the best? If you want to learn from the natives, check out the roads of Kotagede in Yogyakarta. Here you’ll see many shops that specialize in making and selling Batik.

  1. Puppet Making

Puppet making is not just art. In fact, this is a way of instructing the culture and spreading awareness about good and evil. While in Yogyakarta, you can visit the famous Puppet theater and workshop to find out how to make puppets.

  1. Pottery Making

Maybe it’s about the movement of the rotating wheel that makes it very relaxing about pottery making. While in Yogyakarta, you can visit Klipoh village, which is just 3 KMs away from the famous Borobudur Temple. Here you’ll discover lots of households which produce traditional pottery, and you can learn from them.

  1. Paddy Farming

Rice is a primary food in Indonesia, and paddy farming is an essential part of Indonesian culture. When in Yogyakarta, a trip to Desa Pentingsari is a must-do because the landscape is beautiful. While you’re there, spend a few hours with the locals from the areas to find out what they do. If you’re lucky, you will be able to ride a bullock cart, just like I did. It is also possible to visit the local Mount Merapi after spending time in Desa Pentingsari.

  1. Bahasa Indonesia

Unlike several other languages, Bahasa Indonesia has simple grammar. You can form simple paragraphs only after a couple of hours of classes. While in Yogyakarta, you can go to Desa Bahasa, which is a 20 minutes Andong ride from Borobudur Temple. You Can enroll in a really brief or a month-long language program. The area around Desa Bahasa is, and you may stay here for quite cheap at the homestays.