As part of the efforts to make our world greener and safer,  sustainable fiber solutions have an impact on the way businesses are creating modern packaging for their products. However, there is a need to use the right sustainable fiber for your product. Here are 5 reasons why: 

  1. Safety of products during transportation: The durability of product packages is a vital factor to consider. For example, packaging eggs in nylon is a great risk as damage can occur. Wood fiber would be a great choice to replace plastic or rubber. To select the safest packaging, consider the size, weight and 

  2. Design: Product packaging design is influenced by the type of fiber material used for it. That is why certain designs may not be made on some fabrics as they are not suitable. Packaging design is also related to its safety as design covers the basic shape, size, and label. Most durable packages are 

  3. Passing standards tests: Most countries have a Standards Organization that is responsible for regulating industries. The packaging industry has rules and regulations relating to the use of sustainable fiber. Products and packages are regularly tested to check their compliance with these rules. For this reason, it is vital to use the appropriate sustainable fiber solutions for the right product. If the packaging fails to meet industrial standards, it may not be allowed for distribution.

  4. Storage: When consumers store products, they expect to find them in good conditions. Using the wrong sustainable fiber may thwart that expectation. For example, it would be unwise to package cooking oil in biodegradable plastic that degrades within a few months since some people keep cooking oil for months before it is exhausted. Another example is using hemp fiber to make Rangers for heavy clothes, instead of the regular bamboo fibers that are stronger. Although they are both sustainable solutions, the latter would work better for heavy clothes.

  5. Reduce your carbon footprint: The right sustainable fiber solutions are primarily used as subtitles for harmful products and chemicals. The choice to incorporate them into your business process is a win for global health. From reducing energy consumption to keeping harmful chemicals at minimum levels, the goal is to have a green environment.


Choosing the best fiber material to make packages for products requires knowledge of market needs. If your target population is receptive, your product should do well.