What to do with egg cartons?-Does this question ever pop up in your head? Especially when you see a bunch of colored paper egg cartons taking up a corner of your house.

Most egg cartons are made of paper, making them not just recyclable but also bio-degradable. But if you put on your thinking caps, there are a bunch of other things you can do too! Here’s a list of 5 ways you can put egg cartons to good use.

Use as a Seedling Tray

If you’re into gardening, you’d know how helpful seedling trays can be. It is used to sprout seeds in suitable conditions by monitoring the environment in which they are growing. They are much easier to carry around and help control elements like soil, water, and heat.

Simply cut off the lid to turn your egg carton into a seedling tray. You can then fill each cup with soil and plant seedlings. Once they sprout, replant them into the ground or a pot along with the cup if you want to.

Make a Bird Feeder

Isn’t it lovely to get up to the noise of birds chirping on your lawn? A bird feeder will help keep these birds well fed and attract a few new ones!

Cut the lid off your egg carton and punch in 4 holes at the edges. Thread a rope through the holes and hang it on a tree or your roof. Fill it up with birdfeed, and soon you’ll have many feathered friends visiting you.

Organize Anything

Don’t you hate it when all your ornaments get tangled together? Or when all the nuts and bolts get mixed up right when you’re assembling your latest Ikea find?

Use egg cartons to organize anything you can fit, and you’ll never have that problem anymore. You can

even label the cups to identify nuts and bolts quickly. You can also use it to store fragile things like your Christmas lights.

Use for Soundproofing 

All great ideas start at home, don’t they? Unless your idea requires blasting instruments and booming vocals. Your neighbors might not be big fans of your brand, but don’t let that stop you.

Soundproofing your room using egg cartons might not be entirely effective. But it sure does muffle voices and can be a short-term solution. It is also a great way of reducing echo to give you better quality recordings. Use anything from glue to nails to fix the egg cartons to the wall.

Replace Styrofoam 

Need to send a package? Use egg cartons to pack your things instead of Styrofoam to save up on some money and also help the environment.

Did you know that Styrofoam harms the environment and your health? Instead, use egg cartons to help keep your fragile cargo intact and help you do your bit in protecting the environment.

With all these new ideas, those colored paper egg cartons might not seem like much of a problem anymore. You can also use it to keep your little ones engaged in DIY art projects that are pretty easy and fun to make.

If none of these work for you, you can always give them back to your friends who own chickens. You can also send them to a recycling facility or sell them on eBay.