Passionate acting is innate; it does not end when the curtains roll out. Tollywood’s Rao Ramesh is among the actors who have developed their inborn talent in theaters. Though he started in photography, Ramesh is a celebrated actor in Telugu movies. It is hard to stream a Telugu movie and fail to find him featured in a supporting role in recent productions, besides his advanced age. He stepped up to own his talent when his father died, and his mother pushed him to try his hand in what used to be his dad’s career.

Since then, Telugu movies have grown to know Ramesh as a household name. His first film was in 2002. Even though the 50-year-old actor had appeared in several movies, his breakthrough came in 2008 in his film, Gamyam where he was accorded a critical response. Gamyam is rated among one of his brilliant performances.

From acting as a hunchback, being a father, to other supporting roles, Ramesh has achieved so much in his cinema career. Below are some of Rao Ramesh’s movies that have seen him score high in the film industry:


Rao Ramesh plays the role of a father to the lead star with a humble background. His son had a dream of playing someday for the Indian Cricket team but first wanted to be selected in his local Railway Team. While trying to solicit for funds for team selection, Ramesh’s son bumps into a lady who breaks his heart after years of dating. Ramesh, seeing his son’s misery, pushes him to marry another girl, who was in love with his son but never disclosed it. His character as a Father is just phenomenal.


This film revolves around a mystery surrounding a closed temple in Subramanyapuram. People believe that whoever tried to discuss or even enquired about the temple are got bitten by a snake. After an official is killed in his quest to find the mystery surrounding the temple, another medical student who is so skeptical about mysteries and mythology sets to unravel the mysterious deaths of the villagers.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

The film is a drama-packed movie revolving around a middle-class family with complicated love interests. Rao Ramesh has a daughter who happens to fall in love, but he does not approve of the relationship because he (Ramesh) is jealous of his daughter’s father-in-law to be who his relative is also. His acting as a typical Father earned him accolades.