Vikings Season 5: Air Date and Speculations

The potency level of any television series is very crucial as the viewers always look out for it in the plot lines. And Vikings is known for its intensified storyline based on King Ragnar Lothbrok who was a legendary Viking ruler and his deed were extremely influential as they have been mentioned in the Old Norse poetries as well. And his fearless attitude towards fighting again all odds with extreme dedication made him the scourge of England and France. Nevertheless, every episode of the ongoing season of Vikings is ending with a cliffhanger, so we wonder how much more intensity will be included in Vikings Season 5. The fourth installment of the historical drama series has not yet been ended and speculations are already at rife regarding Vikings Season 5. It has been said that the fifth installment of the historical drama series will start airing from September 2017, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so the viewers are anxiously waiting for the show runners to announce the official release date of Vikings Season 5.

By taking a dig into the episodes of Vikings Season 4, it seems that the fifth installment of the series is going to be more intriguing, as the plot line would have all the possibilities to escalate the intensity level of it with every blink of an eye. However, reports have highlighted that the fandom might witness the demise of Ragnar Lothbrok in the upcoming season of the historical drama series, due to which Lagertha will grab all the attention by being in the limelight. Lagertha might turn out to be extremely powerful in Vikings Season 5 as there are sayings that she might become the queen of Norway. And it has also been highlighted by quite a few reports that the show runners might introduce an all new character named Astrid in Vikings Season 5, and he would play a great role in Lagertha’s life. Nevertheless, the curiosity buds have been tickled and the excitement has set in and now the viewers are anxiously waiting to get more insight into the happenings of Vikings Season 5.

But it would be extremely emotional and the fans will be left with a dispirited heart if the demise of King Ragnar Lothbrok takes place in Vikings Season 5, as he is most important character in the historical drama series and the entire plot line revolves around his life as well as his surrounding and the people who he is associated with.

On the other hand, quite a few reports have stated that King Ragnar will be going back to Kattegat in order to win back the trust of his sons. However, nothing has been officially confirmed right now, so we need to wait to witness the actual happenings of Vikings Season 5.

Nevertheless, Viking Season 5 is surely going to be more engrossing than all the previous seasons.

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