Statutory Warning: Only for those who are ‘madly in love’.


valentine's day

Only for those who are ‘madly in love’

Whoo Hoo! It’s going to be Valentine’s Day Eve in another 48 hours! Can’t wait anymore to celebrate. Wanted to surprise my better half with a gift and landed myself on one of the leading e-commerce portals to check what people are gifting their loved ones. There were heels & pumps, statement necklaces, fashion jewellery, cupid pendants, perfumes & lingerie on sale. The cute red-heart-shaped-soft-toy was cute but that is not how a human heart looks like (there were no veins and arteries) and why would I gift a heart that does not look like a heart and get being called ‘heart-less’. I thought maybe a necklace or a pendant or a ring, but won’t it become a benchmark for the years to come? Finally, I made my mind for a candle-light dinner. But with increased power cuts in summer every dinner at my apartment is in the dark under a candle. So I gave up the very thought of gifting.

I will continue to celebrate. Wait a moment! Special day’s in India ought to have a reason and a story. But St. Valentine is not even Indian. FYI St. Valentine was killed by King Claudius for choosing to marry a woman against the King’s order to fight for the Country. So we are commemorating a ‘Hero’ who failed his country for love. (How does he measure up to Lance Naik. Hanumanthappa Koppad?, a ‘Hero’ who’s first love was his country)

Oh yeah! I heard you, Love is Universal. How can it be a celebration when it’s only for a select few? Let alone the fools (read it as mad in love and not fooled by love) who feel an increased pressure to deliver a gift, what about those who are single? It is a day that makes those ‘Singles’ a cliché and feel ‘un-belong’. So I have decided to skip the celebration too as a mark of support to those who remain single by choice/by chance or by force (I know it hurts whether by choice/chance or force).

I can hear the cuss-words of the ‘Romeos’. Don’t label me a tendentious pig. I am neither trying to be utopian nor pragmatic. I am just expressing the experiential truth that every living creation is an embodiment of love. Everybody is rich in love. Giving and taking never happens during the normal course. When aberrations caused by ego, mistrust, hatred, jealousy and anger lead to deviations, you need reinforcement. Gifts and occasions are mere tokens of such reinforcements to convey that ‘All is well’! Let us not get trapped by this ‘Commercial Symbolism of Love’. Even if it’s a mother/ sister/ or a friend, let us not make them feel strange by reserving one day from the calendar for our love. Let there be 24*7*365 days of unconditional love for all. As Mother Teresa beautifully put it ‘There is more hunger for Love in this world than for bread’. If you feel you are rich in love then give it to all, why only one?

P.S: If you are worried about being questioned by your partner for not gifting then this is for you. Kindly ask your partner what he/she wants as a gift for the V-day: a hug or a gift. Trust me a person rich in love will never make a cheap choice. Smoooooochhhwaaaaaaahhhhh Love you all!

6 thoughts on “Statutory Warning: Only for those who are ‘madly in love’.

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