Pitch Perfect 3: Fat Amy to Get Married to Bumper?

Musical comedy films are generally highly appreciated by the viewers, and if the plot line is as strong a Pitch Perfect then it is bound the leave the audiences in awe. Moviegoers got to witness two successful installments rolled out by the filmmakers which were filled with a lot of intriguing factors as it drew their attentions. And all these positive aspects helped the films to settle down to massive figures at the box office which were extremely beneficial for the film’s franchise. Therefore, it is quite legit that the fandom is impatiently waiting for Pitch Perfect 3 Movie to release as soon as possible. And on the brighter side, it has been highlighted that the third installment under the film series will be rolled out on December 22, 2017.

Pitch Perfect 3 is surely going to be more entertaining for its fans, as it has been mentioned in several reports that Fat Amy is going to be married to her boyfriend Bumper in the upcoming installment of the film series. We had already witnessed the adorable couple’s blooming love story before which had touched our hearts and witnessing them getting hitched to each other will surely be extremely enthralling.

Another news which has escalated the excitement level of the viewers is the appearance of Ruby Rose in Pitch Perfect 3 as a new band member. However, we cannot be sure about her casting in the third entry of the film’s franchise right now as she herself has not spoken anything about her role in the musical comedy film. However, we already know that Elizabeth Banks had contributed into the second installment of the film series as a director and this time it seems that she has taken a step forward, as Banks is expected to be the producer of Pitch Perfect 3 which is quite a good news for all her fans. Bank’s endeavor Pitch Perfect 2 was also well received by the viewers, therefore any contribution by her side in Pitch Perfect 3 is going to be appreciated by the fandom.

Nevertheless quite few reports have also shed light on the news that Emily Junk is going to be the new leader of the band as few of the girls graduated in the second entry of the movie. And by taking a dig into all the rumors regarding Pitch Perfect 3 which are at rife, it seems that the movie is going to be much more intriguing as well as entertaining.

The filmmakers are definitely going to shell out a lump sum amount of money for its production this time as well. And if the film is once again appreciated, then Pitch Perfect 3 would have all the possibilities to set the box office on fire.

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