I never thought that Laundry could be a perfect gift

When we think of gifts, the first thing that comes to our mind is flower bouquet, painting, cake or some valuable products. I am Harsh, residing in Bangalore is one among the struggling bachelor with a hectic work schedule and no life around. Weekends were there but unfortunately I had to spend them in washing clothes, cleaning home and in other house hold work. As I hated sharing home, I was paying more rent staying single in a one BHK house.

As a single room owner, I was single too before I met Rani in my life. It’s a small love story where I fall in love with Rani and today we are engaged and soon will tie the knot. Rani was also working and hardly had we found time to meet each other and when found, we used to spend in mine or her room. Once when she came to my room, she was astonished to see clothes lying here and there making the entire home a mess.

Whenever she used to visit my home, she was helping me in washing the clothes and I felt so bad for it. The day went on like this and came February, the month of love. With a bad intention to be a great lover, I planned a small party for rani in one of the posh hotels in the city and asked her to meet me for a surprise on Valentine’s Day.

On 14th morning, someone knocked my door and when opened it was a guy with weighing machine and a long bag in his hand. He was tall and fat dressed in formals greeted me and told that someone has booked a laundry in your name and have paid the cash online and he was here to pick the clothes. I denied but a message popped from Rani saying, ‘Give clothes to laundry boy’. With surprise filled eyes, I gave clothes to him and he went off.

Later on a meet for a dinner in the hotel, Rani told that it was her gift to me for Valentine’s Day. She had booked laundry online for me from Bro4u.com and insisted me to use Bro4u app for the laundry needs. I was quite and we finished dinner, exchanged love and greeted her to home and one the way I felt that my girl was so realistic and I never thought that laundry could be a perfect gift.

Whenever I open Bro4u app to book laundry, I remember Rani.

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