KABALI – The Good, Bad & Ugly



What happens when a greedy producer, an over confident director and a frail super star get fused for a movie? Kabali(swaran) is born.

Kabali is neither a bad-ass nor a kick-ass movie. You can watch Kamalahaasan’s Nayagan or RG’s Satya for a better hold of a gangster flick let alone the Corleone’s of Godfather. The gore and elan is absolutely missing. The 150 minutes of running time is predominantly dominated by melodrama. A decrepit do-good idealist gets out of jail and goes in search of his wife of 30 years. In the process he does not disappoint to toss some puffed-up local goons in Malaysia who are responsible for his current plight. That’s all you have got to say about this much-hyped swipe.

Talking of hype there is a lesson for every marketing student here. You can go laughing to the bank when you know how to combine technology with consumer fantasy and cast your dice on a bunch of captivated audience with hyped emotions. Mr. Dhanu, the producer has just done the same here. The teaser of the movie which attracted 25 million views tricked the audience. The dialogue “Nan vanthuten nu sollu…thirumba vanthuten nu sollu !! 25 varushathukku munnadi epdi ponaro apdiyae vanthutaarunu sollu !! Kabalii daaaa ! (Tell him Kabali has come back)’’ led his fans to fantasize for Baasha 2.0. Sorry Mr. Dhanu. You got it all wrong. Kudos to your son who took care of the digital marketing. To me you are the UGLY.

Pa. Ranjith! Your inexperience is spilt all over the screen. Keep your over brazen smug aside and get some lessons on directing a super-star. You can tom-tom calling ‘Kabali’ your brain child but even the marginal resemblance of ‘Nayagan’ makes your child illegitimate here. Directing thalaivar is a life time opportunity and you have shown how to spoof it with grandeur. Retaining the team of Madras was ironically the worst decision. Cinematographer Murali was the only saving grace. SaNa’s music (the theme) did give me goose-bumps. But Rammstein’s Engel song gave me the high. May be you should look at copying a band from Mars or Jupiter. After all its a small world Mr.Santhosh narayan. What stopped you from changing the climax when Rajini’s daughter told you to change the climax? What stopped you when thalaivar himself asked you to make the screenplay pacy? So Mr.Dumbwit, you are the BAD for me. (This will not stop Vijay TV from giving you their little known annual award).

Thalaivar! 65 years and the charisma is adamant not to fade. You carried the movie on your shoulders. There were no quick walks! Sharp turns! Punch dialogues, yet the magic is still there. Absolutely enchanting; Thanks to Anuvardhan(Costume Designer) for her slick wardrobes. Be it the jute finished 3 piece suits or the bold plaid and checkered ones, they all looked great on the super star. You are obviously the GOOD (only GOOD) in the movie.

I loved the movie. It may not be a typical Rajinikanth movie. But you will love Rajinikanth this type. The superstar is ageing, the audience is changing but the expectations remain the same. In the times of ‘U Turns’ ‘Visaranais’ and ‘Thithis’ a superstar movie is an occasion to stir some nostalgia. For a die-hard fan of thalaivar (who has been watching Rajini’s movies first-day-first-show since 1989) Kabali is a treat. The swag is kick-ass. Watch it without any expectations. For once I thought Pokemon madness will get some breather this week. Ahem! Catching Kabali is possible than Pokemon (I just snubbed those Rajinikanth Vs Dumbass-Joke makers).

Kabali…in the words of Al-pacino (in Godfather) ‘It is easy to fool the eye, but it’s hard to fool the heart’.

2 thoughts on “KABALI – The Good, Bad & Ugly

  • August 23, 2016 at 1:44 am

    Being a Tamilian I dint expect such a flop movie from Rajani. Hope He does better movies going forward.


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