iZombie’s Spoilers: In First Three Episodes Of Season 3 David Anders Gets To Sing

In Season 3 of most discussed crime horror American television series iZombie, David Anders will again show off his singing chops. For The CW channel, the popular TV series iZonbie is developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright.  Now there is a new spoiler about this show, and this is not at all a rumor.

As per a report by TVLine in the first three episodes of the upcoming season, we would watch Blaine which is Ander’s character so that he will sing three times. This is also reported by the news outlet that in the new batch of episodes the first song that Blaine will be singing is an incline to Rob Thomas, who is the frontman of Matchbox Twenty. And other two songs are civility of Blaine’s new job.

This year, in the month of January, Anders disclosed something related to musical part of this series. In an Interview with TV Guide he said for quite some time now, he has been campaigning for an “iZombie” musical episode.  So in the first three episodes of Season 3 perhaps his singing performance is one of his tricks to satisfy spectators. And making a musical episode for this new series is an excellent idea.

According to Anders thought, if other popular series like ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supergirl’ & ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ can do a musical episode, then “iZombie” can also do it & it is not odd at any angle. He said, for a musical episode, we had been influencing hard. Referring to musical crossover event of next week between “The Flash” & “Supergirl” Anders said if action thriller like Flash can be made it then we also can do this, too. He added, if we look into the past & compared this with the trend with ‘Buffy’ then we can see that ‘Buffy’ also did one.

Though, not every member of iZombie Season 3 Cast is in approbation of doing a musical episode. On the show, Rahul Kohil, who plays the character of Ravi said, it was not his desire to do a musical episode at all, never & ever.

Another member Robert Buckley said his opinion about this matter & he is agreed with Rahul. On the rom-com-zoom-dram, he depicts the role of Major. Here according to his opinion about musical episode,

On the series Liv character playing Rose Mclver state her opinion, in the potential musical episode Kohli & Buckley can still have roles. As everybody knows that Buckley & Kohli are not good singers. She said about her co-stars that on bongos they got Robert Buckley & Rahul Kohli. To the singing department, they are going to bring anything like the triangle.

As per latest information iZombie episode, one is named as “Heaven Just Got a Little Smoother.” This first episode of iZombie season 3 will be premiered on The CW at 9 pm EST on April 4, Tuesday. So wait for the new entry of your favorite series.

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