How to use Snapchat Lenses and Filters

Snapchat is an image messaging application in which we can upload live stories that are around the world and we can share messages, videos and can have a live chat with others. Mainly snapchat is a selfie mobile application where the messages, images, videos are viewed for a short span of time and they are deleted automatically as they are inaccessible. In snapchat we have some filters, lenses, face swapping, adding typed text to images, adding stickers, emojis or bitmojis.


Snapchat lenses are nothing but where we can have face swapping, animal faces and character formations.These lenses are used by face detection only. These lenses depend on the motion of the face. Each lense has a special feature in which we they are applied during the changes in the face expression and the motion of the face. There is some free lenses available everyday, and they will be changed. If we purchase them they will be used permanently anywhere at anytime. These lenses are used before the snap.

It is best used by forward facing the camera. Lenses work better on complete face in the frame. The lighting should be perfect and decent so that the lenses can used better.

To apply lenses we have to press and hold for some few seconds until the features appear. We can apply these lenses by swiping left and right on the screen. The lenses that are available on the snapchat will only be appear on a particular day. The lenses are being changed day by day.

The lense effects are recorded by tapping on the capture button to take a snap or by holding for some time for a video.

You can send this snap to your selected friends or to you can post your story or by saving without posting it. This snap can be visible to others for a period of maximum 24 hours.


Snapchat filters are added after taking a snap and swiping left or right you can get access to the filters.

Filters will work only if the snapchat app is up to date and we can get more filter options by updating the app. Go to setting option and in manage preference to get enable to filters. Filters require the location of the user.

There are some gio filters available which can get access only by enabling the location. There is video only filter in which we have rewind, forward, fast forward, slow motion

There are some data filters that pull data from the snap taken time, in this we have battery life, time or date, temperature, speed.

There are some color filters where it can change the color of the snap or video. In this, we have colors like black & white, vintage or saturated, sepia, bright. Sepia gives you a yellow-brownish color.

We can add more than one filter for an image or video. For images, we can add geofilter, data, color and for videos, we can have geofilter, color, data, speed filters.

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