How to Get Eligibility certificate for Diploma admission

How to Get Eligibility certificate for Diploma admission

Well, I am going to share how to get Eligibility certificate from Department of Technical Education Karnataka to get admission for diploma in Karnataka.

Why Eligibility certificate:
According to DTE norms it is mandatory to have Eligibility certificate in case if the student has completed his/her 10th standard from CBSE Board. DTE allots some number of seats for merit students which would benefit students who have scored good marks in their 10th standard.

Where to Get:

Eligibility certificates can be availed from this address:
Directorate of Technical Education
Tantrik Shikshan Bhavan 
Palace Road, Bangalore 560 001 Karnataka.

But wait! It’s not just over, It’s not that as easy as we think.
There are few things to keep in mind before you go there. I am sure this would save your valuable time. It literally took 2 days for me to get the certificate.

Google map of this address is incorrect. So it’s good to ask someone. It’s just about half KM from Mysore Bank, Majestic.

Ensure you reach Tantrik Bhavan at around 9.30 am. (Because you need to roam around a lot)
You will find the office in 4th or 5th floor.

There will be a fee of Rs.1000 (as on 2016, This might change as per govt norms) which needs to be paid in SBM Shivajinagar.

Don’t forget to note down account number. You will find this on the door. Pic attached below,
PS: Account number may change. Get it clarified.

Bank address account number SBI Shivajinagar
Straight away go to SBM Shivajinagar.
Full Address:
2, Lady Curzon Road,
Near-Bowring Hospital,
Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

(Please note YOU CANNOT PAY IN ANY OTHER BRANCHES) I had to waste my two hours for going to some other branch.

You will have to get a challan photocopy. You will find it in the Xerox center which just opposite to Bank. Keep two rupees change with you else you will have to struggle.

Eligibility certificate Bank Challan copy
Make sure you will fill all correct details. Else you will embarrassed to see the reaction of staffs over there.

Once you make the payment quickly reach back Tantrik Bhavan. You will have to fill up a form and wait for couple of hours to get your certificate. I also heard, people were saying, there is quick delivery of certificate if we pay few bucks to those officers. I had to ignore that as I was not interested to encourage it.

I wonder why this process is so complicated despite having so advanced technology. Bangalore is IT city but unfortunately it is just for the name sake.

Hope this was useful


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