Cars 3 Casts McQueen, Mater, Sally to Team Up

The American animated movie produced by Disney Pixar Animation Studios, Cars is gearing up to unveil its third installment amid much enthusiasm amongst the fans. As the past two installments rendered upon various anthromorphic animated characters, the storyline went ahead beyond expectation thus becoming world’s best cartoon picture till date. Filled with emotional, humor, friendship, romance, struggle, brotherhood, etc the film tells tale of being a good person first as “It’s just an empty cup” after winning cups are handed over the greatest and fastest racing car.

As the production unit gears up to release Cars 3 in June 16, 2017, the film have familiar characters such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally along with new faces like Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, among others. Giving a big adieu to Doc Hudson Hornet, the character gives a miss in the third installment. Also, McQueen with old buddies teaming up for the latest franchise will churn up an interesting storyline thus revolving around Radiator Springs, racing tracks across the globe and of course fighting hard the criminals.

The instance of being an undercover agent for Mater, the second part came with a twist in the plot apart from just having racing to its content. Missing out Doc in the second part, itself, McQueen and Sally romance and Mater’s new avatar as investigating and cracking up major crooked mystery gives a hit in England’s overboard.

The storyline of Cars 3 Film most probably takes back the memory lane down to Route 66 and its environment as McQueen again meets with an accident during a race against Storm and others. The character will bring some old memories in the screen as Doc will be remembered with Route 99 introduced for the first time. But of course, Sally, Mater will definitely team up thus being his favourite crew team along with Sheriff, Ramone and Sarge so to encourage him.

Well, it’s still a question whether this time some undercover storyline and investigative plot be added to the main theme, but one thing’s for sure, McQueen will face tough competition from Storm and counterparts as he grows old as compared to others. With some popular sequences be added from the first part in Cars 3, it might be a pleasure to watch old gold characters teaming up.

Although, rendering upon the release of extended teaser trailer lately, the 1 minute 48 second video shows McQueen in different avatar as Rusteeze where he competes with young, dynamic and superfast hybrid racing car Storm thus meeting with a fatal accident. Now talks developing in the town of McQueen retiring from the game, his no show from the track makes it almost race until he meets with his fate in Route 99 all over again.

Cars 3 taking the story into a whole new level with bringing back Route 66 memories again along with Doc Hudson and teaming up with Sally and Mater would surely be a delight to watch.

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